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In today’s changing business environment, organizations need to define their long-term and short-term manpower requirements. While some people may be required on an ongoing basis, others may be required only on a project basis. We conduct preliminary interviews and shortlist candidates as per the requirement of the client. Visualizing these needs, we have structured our manpower services.

Best Manpower Consulting in Noida

Are you in need of a Manpower Consulting Company? Welcome to AS Force & Manpower Consulting, launched in order to meet the needs of hiring skilled or unskilled workers in all business industries. We provide quality, professional services to our customers, which include helping HR teams to get the right staff for their needs, delivering professional staffing solutions for companies, and facilities management.

Staffing Sevices

We offer exclusive services in the recruitment process outsourcing professional staffing, organized labor supply, and headhunting if required; through our highly qualified and dedicated team of recruitment professionals. Prospective candidates are thoroughly screened by our industry-specific experts, for evaluation of their skill-sets, qualification, previous experiences, and cost-effectiveness; to ensure the recruitment of professionals best suited to each of the vacancies.

Placement Assistance

AS Force & Manpower Consulting is at the centre of connecting people with experience and employment opportunities. With permanent placement solutions, you can access the highly specialized talent you need to create a sustainable competitive advantage. AS Force & Manpower Consulting is uniquely positioned to help make sure that people have the right skills to take on your mission-critical and day-to-day initiatives, so you can focus on what matters most.

Contract Manpower

We specialise in providing fresh / trained manpower on contract as per the specific requirement of the client. We select and match employees to the job provider’s work and environment. These people are taken on our payroll. We pay them regular salaries with statutory benefits and handle all the legal compliances and government regulations. The client organisation just receives a single invoice every month. 

Services for Job Seeking Applicants

Navigating the world of job vacancies could be burdensome. The challenge of landing your dream job and earn the monthly paycheque you deserve can be made easier. With our efficient and effective applicant employment service, we allow you access to positions in almost all fields, simplified application processes, certification of your skills in a professional testing environment and resuming writing services. A professional presentation of yourself via an outstanding resume plays an incredibly important role in securing a spot for an interview.

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